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Who We Are

Universal Aerial Ventures, LLC (UAV) offers safe, cost-effective, and highly accurate solutions through drone technology for projects of any scale.

UAV is led by Josh O’Leary. Josh is a Mechanical Engineer from the University of Tulsa and has his Part 107 pilot license, with over seven years of experience in the Unmanned Aircraft System industry. He has a passion for developing unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) and using them to provide custom solutions to clients’ needs.

UAV is headquartered in Tulsa, OK. As part of the Universal family of companies, it serves Universal Field Services, Inc.'s 9 regional offices and Universal Survey & Mapping's Stillwater, OK and Denver, CO offices.

What We Do

Use drone technology to capture aerial imagery and create maps through photogrammetry software (converting photographs to 3D or orthomosaic maps). We offer effective solutions in many industries like oil and gas, electric transmission, and construction.

Drones are able to survey large areas quickly, accurately, and safely.

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See how drone mapping can help you and see where we have been.

Drone Mapping Through Photogrammetery

The demand for high-quality aerial data capture from drones or UAVs is growing fast and has huge potential for a number of sectors.

Photogrammetry Projects

Examples of the photogrammetry output UAV delivers.

Proven Results

Hefner Water Treatment Plant

UAV planned and executed 4 drone flights for a 74-acre site – three were flown at an altitude of 250' feet' while the last was flown at 350' feet' to compensate for the large tower in the flight path.

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Stillwater Project

As part of a comprehensive survey engineering project, 83 ground control points were set across the 84-acre project area. 768 images were captured and processed for the project.

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Services Offered

We offer effective solutions in many industries, like oil and gas, electric transmission, and construction.

LiDAR Survey and Mapping Videography Photogrammetry Survey Site Investigation and Remediation
Spill Assessment and Quantification Methane Leak Detection Facility Leak Inspection Pipeline Corridor Inspection
Well Pad/Corridor Mitigation Inspection Thermal Imaging Inspection FERC Environmental Study Support Environmental Inspection and Evaluation
Asset Inspection and Baseline Inventory Agricultural Spraying/Vegetation Management Disinfection/Sanitization Services Custom Drone Build-Out

Disinfecting Services

Increase consumer confidence and reduce risk to your employees. With a high capacity sprayer, UAV is able to disinfect large indoor and outdoor areas with higher efficiency, saving you money and giving you and your customers peace of mind.

Photogrammetry Services

In recent years drone technologies have become central to the operations of various businesses and organizations while continuing to find new applications for safe, cost-effective solutions across many different industries. Drone mapping offers potential in a number of sectors including construction, agriculture, energy, mining, infrastructure inspection, and real estate. Having a clear, accurate photograph or 3D model of your project area, complete with measurements, is advantageous in terms of decision-making.

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Industries Served

Energy Sector
Complete pipeline, well field, exploration and production support.
Electric Transmission & Distribution
Electric energy and renewable power development and re-build projects.
State and Local Public Agencies
Cities, counties, utilities, local government agencies and educational facilities.
Roads, turnpikes, public transportation, facilities, and intersection improvements.


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